Associate Application


A Game Trainers Associate is an essential part of our company and they will work closely with a Game Trainer Corp. Regional Director to help drive sales not only for Game Trainers but to their own company. The primary responsibility of the Associate is to drive sales of Game Trainer products and to build their own company off our brand.


The ideal Associate will be independent, self-motivated, driven and results oriented, with a positive attitude and a highly personable and energetic presence. They must have the drive to want to be their own boss and do what necessary to get the job done. They must have a passion for the outdoors as well as the environment. Lastly, they must be willing to follow Game Trainers company ethics and morals. As a representative to Game Trainers the Associate is a fundamental contributor to Game Trainers by providing our customers with very positive experiences while using our products.

Attention Applicant
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Game Trainer Corp. Associate. THE APPLICATION FORM will assist us in establishing a match to our profile used in the selection of a new business opportunity. The submission and acceptance of a questionnaire should not be construed as an approval or a future guarantee of becoming a Game Trainer Corp. associate. To become an associate, there is a formal approval/meeting process that is undertaken with applicants who have been short-listed for a particular opportunity in which they have applied. We do not rank our applicants in numerical order nor base consideration on the length of time an application has been on file. At the time of conducting a search for a new associate, we select the most qualified applicant from the current applications on file, and the best match to our business concept and corporate ethics. A full Associate package is provided only when a candidate has been shortlisted for an associated opportunity. Projections are not available prior to a candidate being short-listed. Thank you for your interest in Game Trainers Corp, Regards, Shawn Blackmore President/CEO