Online Associate Program

Do you have a small business website? Or maybe you write a blog about dog training? Join our free online Associate Program and make extra money by promoting Game Trainer products right on your site. Online Associates earn 10% of all sales directed to purchases.

To sign up, for our Online Associate Program register for our Online Associate Program to apply to join our program. Once we’ve reviewed your site, you’ll receive an automatic email regarding your approval status. Upon approval, you’ll have your own Associate Management account, where you can create links to the Game Trainer home page or to any product page. When someone clicks the link from your site and buys something from we’ll send you a commission. It’s that simple!

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Full Associate Program is the official online store for Game Trainers Corp.

Maybe your looking for a career change? Want to own your own business? Or simply make a little extra income working from home? In addition to the Online Associate Program offered to website owners Game Trainers offer an Associate program to start your own business under our branding within your community at little to no startup costs where you can earn 20% of total sales working for yourself. The options are endless and Game Trainers is here to help make it happen.

Interested in the benefits of our full Associate Program follow the link to fill out an application to receive additional information about becoming a Game Trainer Associate in your area.